Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Spooky Little Girl by Laurie Notaro

I loved this book from the beginning!  I have seen some people give this book a bad rating but for me I thought it was great.

Lucy Fisher spent all of her inheritance on a trip to Hawaii with 2 of her good friends and coworkers.  When she returns she finds a bum carrying off her yet to be worn wedding gown and all of her other belongings thrown out in the yard of a home she shares with her fianc√© Martin and her dog Tulip.  Once she realizes she’s been thrown out of her house and her key no longer works she is forced to leave her sweet Tulip and stay with a friend until she can get with Martin and find out what’s going on and get Tulip.

Upon returning to work she is asked into the Doctor’s office with the office manager.  She learns she forgot to deposit a large sum of money off at the bank before her trip to Hawaii.  She is asked to submit to a drug test since some are missing from the office.  She unbelievably fails twice and is asked to leave.

Since she has lost her home and her job she decides to move in with her sister and nephew and come back to get Tulip and the rest of her things when she has her meeting with Martin.  The next morning her sister wakes her up to ask to barrow her truck since her sister’s car will not start.  Later that day Lucy decides to take a bus to the unemployment office to look for work when she is suddenly killed.  Lucy wakes up in what she thinks is a hospital when she later finds out she is actually in ghost school for “Sudden Deaths” who have a mission to complete before they can go on to “The State”.  Before her classes start all the students are allowed to go to their funeral.  Lucy is excited about this.  She starts thinking about how great it’s going to be and who will be there and what will take place.  However sadly the only people there are her sister, nephew and one of her sister’s friends.  Lucy is horror stricken when no one shows up to her funeral.  So the next few lessons in her class she is not trying as hard as she should to learn her lessons.  Finally she is done with classes and is sent to her mission.  Her home base is none other than Martin’s home.  Lucy’s bad luck continues to follow her even in the afterlife as she is quick to find out that the one who fired her is now living in her home with her ex and her dog. Instead of trying to figure out her mission she is depressed and trying to figure out what is going on when one day the fun begins as she is reacquainted with her grandmother.  At one point she finally figures out her mission and starts to take things seriously so she can get to “The State”.

I really enjoyed this book more so than I thought after reading some of the reviews.  I decided though as a book lover that I was not going to let someone’s bad review hinder my want to read.  I’m glad I made that choice since I really enjoyed this book. I can’t wait to read more books from Laurie Notaro.

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