Thursday, June 30, 2011

Florida, Blogs and book happiness

I'm beyond excited! Once I get off today (@ 4:45)  I will be hitting the road and going home to Florida!  It's been 7 months since I've been there and 9 months since I've seen my mom!  Just found out yesterday grams is in the hospital. She went to the doctor for a check up (she has cancer) and mom told the doctor she had been having problems breathing. At the doctor they checked her O2 stats and they are down below 90 so the doctor advised she go to the hospital.  I believe she had to stay over night but I'm not sure if she will be there for longer.  Keep me in your prayers for my travels and for my grams.  

Since I'm off work tomorrow I've been informed I can pick up my check from the temp office today instead of Friday.  However I have a whole new set of problems.  What if the check's post dated and I cant cash it until tomorrow!  That would suck so bad since its a 14 hour drive down to Florida.  But if I cant get it cashed I guess there's no use in getting angry since there's not much I can do about it.  I'm just hoping that either one of the banks will be open and cash it for me or that walmart wont pay to close attention to the date and cash it for me.

I've really gotten into blogs recently and I like it.  I mean i can meet people who love books as much as I do and get a review on a book I'm planning on reading.  I can write out my feelings every day if I want to or every other month.  Some times I feel like I want to start a journal but then I never keep it up.  At least this way I can type what I'm feeling and move on.  I just wish I had more followers. :(  I have a profile on the site and I really like that site.  I can enter to win books, I can swap books if I want to and I can be involved in different reading challenges.  I can also be involved in a book club but I'm not sure how I feel about that one.  Since I have a ton of books I want to read as it is I dont want to have to read boring books other people want me to read.  I may try to start my own book club and see how that goes.

I get depressed some times b/c I think I'm bored with life most days but right now I'm feeling pretty good.  I have job even though it might be a temp to perm job that hasn't gone perm yet I'm still happy I'm able to support my family there was a year when I was so depressed I didnt want to get out of bed most days and now I"m starting to be able to pay my bills right when the bill comes and thats a great feeling and were getting to the point where we can start going out and actually having a life now and I know that is a huge excitement for my husband and I both since we havent done much in a very very long time.  It will be nice to get out with friends or have a date night.  And if life keeps going well we can start saving to do things to our house that we've been wanting to do.  Like new floors and remodeling rooms.  Another thing that gets me pretty depressed is since I've left home most of my friends dont talk to me any more and its hard to make good friends in a small town since everyone seems to be pretty clique-y with friends they've known since they were born pretty much.  So it's always nice when I let my old friends know I"m going to be in town and they let me know they cant wait to see me.  It would just be nice to know they think about me some times and check in see how I"m doing or even come visit me. :)

Right now I'm reading "Spooky Girl" by Lauri Notaro on my Kindle and its pretty good so far I'm loving it.  I have an actual paper book to read that I got from for free and then have to do a review on its called "A Place Called Blessing" I'll be reading that and my Kindle on my long long 14 hour drive back home to Florida.  Until then keep me in your prayers and look out for my next update.

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