Thursday, June 23, 2011

An Ice Cold Grave

I am a huge fan of Charlaine Harris since I red all of the Sooki Stackhouse books (except Dead Reckoning, its in my Kindle to read).  Since I had to wait for "Dead Reckoning" to come out I decide I would read some of her other series books. So far I have read "Touch of Dead" "Real Murders" Aurora Teagarden series book 1, "Grave Sight" Harper Connelly series book 1 and "Grave Surprise" Harper Connelly series book 2. And right now I'm reading "Shakespeare's Landlord" Lily Bard Series book 1.

If you're an avid reader like I am you will not start in the middle of the series but with the Harper Connelly books you could if you didn't mind starting in the middle.
"An Ice Cold Grave" is the 3rd book in the Harper Connelly Series.  I started off reading "Grave Secret" the first book.  "Grave Secret" basically explains who Harper Connelly and Tolliver Lang are.  A little bit of background on her and shares her "special ability"

The 2nd book "Grave Surprise" talks about the business she and her step-brother (Tolliver) have made based on her ability to located dead bodies from a freak lightening strike accident.

"An Ice Cold Grave" takes place in Doraville, NC about winter time.  Doraville is a pretty small town.  A local women has gotten with the police to see if Harper can locate the 6 missing boys.  One of the boys is the local woman's (Twyla) grandson.  The old sheriff assumed the boys were runaways and didn't look into the cases very well.  The new sheriff is out of options and agrees to let Twyla have Harper come see if she can locate the boys.

Twyla takes Harper and Tolliver to a few places the grandson was last known to be.  At each location Harper is unable to get a "buzz" on any dead bodies.  Just when I'm thinking this might be one of the times Harper can not locate a body Twyla takes them to one last significant location and its here that Harper is able to find all of the missing boys.

Once Harper's services are done she and Tolliver are ready to leave this town (finding the boys was pretty traumatic for Harper) and the media circus.  However the killer was not happy his secret was out and attached Harper keeping her in the town much longer than needed.  Since this is a small town and they gave up their room and all the other rooms were taken up by the media Twyla agrees to let them stay in her cabin on the lake.  While at the cabin the tension that's been building between Harper and Tolliver since the end of the last book finally comes to the surface in a way that I did not see coming!

Finally they are able to leave but Harper can't get the feeling that there is more to this story.  Tolliver has to keep reminding her she is not a detective and to leave it alone.  Harper agrees and they set on their way to give Twyla back her key to the cabin.  However once again she is attacked.  (funny since the killer is behind bars)...

So far for me this book has outdone the other two Harper Connelly books.  This book had so many twists and turns and just when you think you have it all thought out Ms. Harris throws a surprise at you and leaves you wondering why you weren't able to figure out the outcome.  I can't wait to read "Grave Secret"!

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