Thursday, June 23, 2011

Shakespeare's Landlord

As of Tuesday 6/21 I've started reading the Lily Bard series by Charlaine Harris.  The first book in the series is "Shakespeare's Landlord".  As of last night I have red up till chapter 4 and its been a pretty hard read for me.  Not because its hard to read but because its slower than her other books.  Lily is nothing like any of Charlaine's other characters.  Lily's hard, quiet and guarded with a secret.  By the 3rd chapter things start to pick up since we've gotten past the "Who" and "Where".  Since this book has gotten good reviews I'm going to stick with it and since I dont like to leave a book unfinished.

Lily Bard has moved to Shakespeare 4 years ago and she lives a quiet life and is physically fit by way of Karate.  She cleans peoples houses for a living.  Lily moved to Shakespeare to get away from her former life.  Throught out the book (so far) you get glempses of her past.  I'll have to keep reading to find out more.  As of right now I only know that Lily is about 30, she comes with emotional baggage and some physical scarring.  She doesnt seem to have any close friends in Shakespeare since she seems to keep to herself.  She does have plenty of aquantiances from her line of work.  She owns her home she bought from Pardon who also owns the apartment complex on one side of her and the home on the other side of her inhabited by a handsome 30 something guy.  Lily seems to have a hard time sleeping so she walks the park across the street from her at night.  One particular night she was walking and noticed someone pulling her garbage rack through the park.  Just as she was getting tired and ready to come out from her safe shadows back home this person comes back and puts her rack back where they got it and went into the aprtments next door.  Lily is courious as to what this person was towing to the park so she did some looking for herself and found a bag and decided to look inside it to see what was in it and descovers a body.  Since she is tired she doesn't want to deal much with the police so she goes back to her house, puts new bags in ther garbage cans and calls the chief of police and tells him there is a body in the park across from his house.  She then lays down and goes to sleep.  The next morning she has to go to Mary's apartment and clean for her since her son pays Lily to keep an eye on her and to clean her apartment and everyone is abuzz talking about Pardon's murder. 

That's as far as I've gotten so until tonight when I read some more....

**UPDATE** 6/27/11

Ok so I've read a little more.  This was not a major reading weekend so I dont have much to say about it.  I finally learned what happened to Lily to make her the way she is.  Strange things are starting to happen to her and some of the other people in Shakespeare.  Lily's not sure if someone from her past has come back to scare her or if its some one in Shakespeare who found out about her past life in Memphis.  I must admit it is getting a little more interesting now that Lily has some action going on in her life but it's still not a page turner for me like most of Ms. Harris' other books.

In other news I'm going home to Florida on Thursday for the holiday weekend and I'm super excited so I might have tons to write about on the drive down there. 

**UPDATE 6/29/11**

Ok in the beginning of reading this book it was pretty slow. It took 4 chapters before it started to get interesting. But by the time I got past that part it finally became a page turner and now I'm pretty interested in the Lily Bard Series. I would say that if you like Charlaine Harris yo will like this book.

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